Craig Shannon is the President of Grovemont Capital Advisors. There he helps connect real estate companies with capital. As such, he has enormous insight into what investors REALLY want. As changes are happening faster and faster, Craig is able to make investors and operators get the most value possible.

This episode discusses:

  • What are the three things an investor needs to be looking for
  • Why real estate is so popular as an investment right now
  • What the current excess of capital means for the investment market
  • Why trust is the most important factor in making any investment
  • How realizing your tenants are really clients can turn an investment around
  • Why a 0% vacancy is a bad thing for a multifamily property
  • What top properties are using for an advantage in the real estate and investment market
  • When it’s correct to use equity instead of debt to raise capital, regardless of interest rates
  • Why high quality people are the best asset of any investment
  • How to take risks in investments and technology that will pay off instead of leaving you with arrows in your back
  • Why it’s critical to always have an advisory board

Craig Shannon

President of Grovemont Capital Advisors