John Carlson is the President of Mark-Taylor, and has been with the company for 20 years. He leads the strategic direction and oversees business development, operations, and the property performance portfolio.

Mark-Taylor owns, develops, and operates quality multifamily properties. With over 20,000 units, they are one of the largest multifamily operators in Arizona. 

In This Episode

Patrick and John discuss the following:

  • Where the real estate market is and where it’s going
  • What the acceleration of deals being made in 2022 means for investors after an already record setting 2021
  • What 10.2% CPI change since the beginning of COVID means for the future market
  • How the current market is different from the pre-crash market in ‘04 to ‘06
  • Why investing in people is the most valuable investment you can make
  • How smart home technology is starting to become a necessary amenity over time
  • Why increased flexibility is critical to the future of multifamily
  • Why giving an amazing experience is the #1 priority for any in-person interactions
  • How John managed to get through moments where projects failed