Parag Goswami is the co-founder and CEO of He previously owned an underwriting company and saw the pain of the repetitive tasks being handed to college graduate professionals. Using his incredible background in technology and computers, he created a solution. is an AI powered platform that aims to make underwriting fast and painless. It tackles the problems that asset managers, banks, investors, and more face in the real estate market. knows that having a fast underwriting process can allow users to execute on deals before the competition. 

This episode discusses:

  • Why underwriting needs to be done by an AI instead of by hand
  • How AI can turn 4 hours of underwriting into 4 minutes
  • How underwriting AI lets investors capture opportunities that would otherwise be lost
  • What it means for AI underwriting to be the new industry standard and how to use it to make better investments
  • What makes stand out from the rest of the growing underwriting AI niche
  • Why access to underwriting AI drives profits for both the biggest and smallest companies

Parag Goswami

Co-Founder and CEO of