Samson Jagoras is the CEO of Growth Vue Properties. He was able to scale his marketing technology company to over 100 million in revenue in 9 years. He is now bringing his expertise to real estate.


Growth Vue Properties is a commercial real estate acquisition and asset management company. They work with various entities to diversify and improve their portfolios.

In This Episode

Patrick and Samson discuss the following:

  • How the “value add” plan for multifamily is changing from just “renovate and increase rents” when you’re looking to improve an investment
  • Why bringing in new technology is the best way to increase the value of your investment
  • How technology is changing even faster, from 20 years for the internet, 10 years for a smartphone, and only 1 for COVID to completely reshape the landscape
  • What he thinks is going to happen with how long investors are holding onto their properties
  • Why you shouldn’t be betting on the market always improving and what you should be doing instead
  • Whether you should be looking at multifamily investment as a “net zero” or infinite game
  • What is going on with the economic correction from COVID and how it could affect the market