Sam Grossman is the Managing Director of Real Estate Services at Inveniam. He has a big focus on what you can do to increase the yield on multifamily investments without “just raising rent”. He’s helping companies recognize how that’s possible.

Inveniam uses blockchain technology to verify data. Trusted data and digital asset management is critical for every company in this day and age. Everyone wants more and better data, for a good reason. It can make the difference between a subpar investment and an excellent investment.

In This Episode

Patrick and Sam discuss the following:

  • Why you need to do what you’re good at, but let other people do what you’re not good at
  • Why raising rents and decreasing costs, what everyone’s done for years, is not going to get you to your investment goals anymore
  • How new technology increases transparency with investors and managers
  • How smaller businesses can get top level reporting with minimal work
  • How to compete with the big names in multifamily investing
  • Why it’s important to educate yourself on new opportunities and technologies before you jump on a deal
  • What your team can do with faster and easier reporting