Merilee Karr is the CEO and Founder of UnderTheDoormat. Her vision is to make short term rentals a possibility for everyone. She’s been featured on many different news outlets, and although she’s been in the UK for the last 20 years, her experience is incredibly valuable for the US short-term rental market.

UnderTheDoormat believes there is more to short-term rentals than posting an opening on AirBnB. They’re looking to capitalize on the 300 billion dollar short-term rental market. UnderTheDoormat knows that people are valuing flexibility higher and higher, and are looking to support that market need.

In This Episode, We Cover:

  •  What you can do with the 330 billion dollar short term rental market to improve your investments
  • How short term rentals are evolving with business trips and expenses
  • What residents want in the current housing market
  • How to prepare for short term rentals instead of just putting it up on AirBnB
  • Who the best target market for short term rentals is going to be
  • How it’s more than just a way to control vacancy
  • Why subletting is a powerful option for any multifamily property
  • What operating models are available to make short term rentals a success
  • How even a 1% change can completely change the profitability of a property
  • How short term rentals better let you follow the weekly and monthly changes in prices to maximize revenue

Merilee Karr

CEO and Founder of UnderTheDoormat


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